Luna Isabel: the Confidence Queen

Ambushed by countless societal expectations, women who are tired of hiding and lowering their voice can learn how to embrace their inner and outer beauty from the Confidence Queen herself, the lovely Luna Isabel.

What do you think people admire of you? My confidence.

In this women's month, everyone starts appreciating women all over, with pink garments and powerful quotes that encourage the women in their lives. But being a woman is not only for a month or even a day. 'To be a woman every day is to be whatever she wants to be.... multifaceted,' and powerful.

A woman's true beauty comes from all she can share with the world, with every detail of her soul and self-love. For Luna, the latter comes in many forms: from leaving a toxic relationship, cutting off bad friends, even cutting off junk food, and taking care of yourself. Self-love is putting yourself first without being conceded and pushing under people's toes. It means to make sure that you put your beliefs first and do right by yourself. 

People often overlook the small details women do daily or even the big gestures they are often expected to, like 'being a mom while still working and taking care of the husband.'  Yet, in today's world, that point of view is shifting slowly, giving every girl and letting them shine their true self-worth and confidence to society.

Especially in a society that is still learning to embrace all races, bodies, and religions on the runway of everyday life, being a woman is a challenge daily. Yet, Luna is here to remember every girl out there that to be confident in yourself, 'you just need to be it again, believe it.' Let her words make you remember that you should not be comparing your self-worth to what the industry thinks and says. 

'There will always be negative feedback' surrounding you, 'but at the end of the day, if you're secure within yourself, and you know exactly who you and are capable of... then that is the confidence that you are going to radiate.' For the Bazaar model, her curves and having a full face of makeup is what make her feel like a woman. 'It is what makes me feel sexy,' feel comfortable in her skin.

So, find your true, unique beauty and share it with the world. Embrace each body with its own essence, being androgynous, feminine, masculine, athletic, or any adjective you want to be. Just be authentic and genuinely believe in yourself.